Monday, July 11, 2016

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker in Action!

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Review
I finally had a reason to use my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker!!!!  10 yards of bias tape for the hem of my granddaughters Peppermint Swirl Dress (PSD).  I was NOT doing that by hand! The stores are so limited in choices that we have and I didn't want to sit around and wait for a custom order either.  Soooooo I whipped my bias tape maker right on out (I actually forgot I had her).  I have all of the different sized bias maker tips too!  :) 

Retail Price: $99.99 
I paid: $50.00 (Coupons, coupons and more coupons, VIP Discount Cards) at Hancock Fabrics Last Year. I have not seen any in Joann AT ALL!!! At one point they had them and all of the tips as well, not anymore.... :(  I'm glad I got mine when I did.....

They are trending on eBay for average price of: $250.00 (These people crazy cray)!

The only place I could find with reasonable pricing is Amazon. They are no where to be found! I couldn't even find it on the website.
Purchase Here: Amazon $82.00

Fold and press flat bias strips into 1-inch wide single fold bias tape with the push of a button; Additional tips available: 3/8-inch single fold tip,1/2-inch single fold tip, 3/4-inch single fold tip; 1-1/4-inch single fold tip; 2-1/4-inch quilt binding bias tip; 2-1/2-inch quilt binding bias tip Iron settings similar to a regular iron- suitable for cotton, silk, light weight wool, light weight home decor fabrics and more; Perfect for creating bias tape quickly and easily Includes machine Features include auto-feed, auto shut-off, variety of heat settings Box doubles as a carrying case with a handle on the lid; portable and lightweight.