Thursday, March 9, 2017

This is Why I Sew........Free 2 B Me!!!!!

Sewing has so many benefits - here are 5 that you might not know about. Share with a friend who sews! 

Video Link Here: 5 Ways Sewing Improves Life

Sewing Helps the Brain

Studies show that sewing helps develop a hand to eye coordination that is good for the brain. It also keeps ours fingers agile and nimble. In addition, it is always good for our self-esteem when we mend our daughter’s clothes and watch her wear it again and again. If you have never done this, try it, it sure feels great and that is good for the heart too.

Joy through creativity

There’s another aspect of these kinds of creative pursuits that is often overlooked, and that’s the pleasure we take in learning new skills and getting better at something. No matter who you are, it’s thrilling to watch yourself get better at something you care about.

Joy through appreciation

Sewing taught me about what makes something high quality. Being able to see the markers of quality and read past marketing hype helps me make better decisions, and feel good about the things I do buy.

Joy through community

Sewing can connect you to a community of women (and some men!) who share your oddly old-fashioned appreciation and creative obsession.

Dashiki Top DIY

I made my cousin a Dashiki top for her Birthday.  She'll be taking pics in it later.
Her son will wear the same.............I watched a YouTube video and it was pretty easy to follow and make!!!



DIY Dashiki Top Tutorial Here: DIY Dashiki Top/Jersey

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The #KiddiePack BackPack

The Kool #KiddiePack 

I made a #Kiddiepack for my Granddaughter and a matching Zipper Pouch for school.  I used Denim(s) I had in my Denim and Leather Stash Box.  If I'm not mistaken this denim was thrifted and/or Gifted.  

See my review of the #HoodyPack Here: 

HoodyPack BackPack

The Happy #HoodyPack

For the basic backpack, I used Simplicity Pattern #1388 View A 

I drafted the hoody using the main fabric and a piece of vintage leather I had laying around in my denim and leather stash box.  

It took me 3 tries to attach the hoody because I kept putting it on backwards!!!! LOL!!! Luckily I basted it on instead of using a permanent stitch.  I did not use the D-Rings because my son wanted the pack to "hang-low." 

The fabric is a woven jacquard fro Jo-Ann's.  I used 2 different prints. I love the black and white Aztec look of the fabric.  It's apparel fabric but is heavy enough to make a backpack.

Link to fabrics:

The other print is out of stock but here is a similar print: