Friday, May 12, 2017

Arm Knitting REMIX!!!

I tried this arm knitting craft again.  This looks better than the first attempt. I think I will use one skein next time instead of 2.  The yarn is "chunky" and is 10% wool. It's nice and soft and cuddly. This is a little heavy!! It will keep me warm next Winter!!

Yarn Used (From Joann): $14.99 each 10% Wool & 90% Acrylic
Red Heart Irresistible Yarn Here Color: Enchanting
Red Heart Irresistible Yarn Here: Color: Berry

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tula Pink 8" Shears Review

Tula Pink Shears

I'm giving these incredibly beautiful scissors (I have never seen anything like them, have you?) 4 stars because they're beautiful and sharp.  They cut through fabric like a hot knife cuts through butter.  #ItsLikeButtaBaby

They are pretty affordable.  I paid $35.00 dollars for my pair here on 

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • These right hand handcrafted 8" fabric shears are a necessity for any sewing basket.
  • Forged from the highest quality German grade steel anchored with a 22k gold plated screw.
  • Designed for durability with quality in mind
  • Washing Instructions: Wipe With Damp Cloth


I think I'm going to grab up the 6" Trimmers for $25.00 here on 

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Treat yourself to the highest degree of quality and style with these gorgeous sewing tools! These 6 inch straight sharp point scissors have razor sharp blades that create an even cut along the entire length of the blade. Great for trimming fabric edges and threads closely accurately and quickly. Also for use in trimming fabrics stabilizer needle arts and crafts.
  • Washing Instructions: Wipe With Damp Cloth
You can purchase the complete hardware set if you want all of the pieces.

For $109.99 you can purchase the complete set here: Tula Pink 5 Piece Hardware Set

Arm Knitting Anyone!? ***SIGH***

I'm definately NOT a crocheter or knitter.  Tried both in the past and could not just grasp it.  My Granny was a knitter and one of my Great Aunts was a crocheter.  They made great big, beautiful afghans and quilts, baby blankets, christmas decorations and the list goes on and on!!  I will try this, but I have a feeling I'll be sticking to sewing!!

I will keep trying this arm knitting thing until I can get it down!!

Yarn from Joann

I don't think this is right!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fruit Pie Pot Holders/Hot Pads

Fabric: Real Photo Fruit Fabric(s) from Joann
100% Cotton 44" Wide
Crust fabric from Stash 
Extra Wide Double Bias Tape
Other Materials: Insulbrite for center

Similar Fabrics Here: 

My New Sewing Studio/Space

Let's take a tour!!

Walking In 
Love the natural light from the 2 windows

Area for Patterns
Yes I have a lot!!!!

Sergers: Singer Pro 5 & Brother 5234PRW Limited Edition
I keep 1 with dark colored threads and 1 with light colored threads

Baby Lock Espire (BLSR)

Cutting Are 
Bernina 200E to the right
Bernina 1008 Below

Pressing Area
Oliso Pink Iron