Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mermaid Blanket Simplicity Pattern #8275

I wanted a mermaid blanket for a while (yes for myself).  I searched the internet and found a slew of tutorials and how-to's but it was to much drafting and all that.  I was just being plain lazy did not want to do all that!  Finally Simplicity read my mind and came out with a pattern not only for the mermaid, but also the shark blanket.  I used some anti-pill fleece I had in my fabric stash! It's a great pattern easy to follow and if you need to alter the pattern it's doable!!!  I made this one for my granddaughter for Christmas......I think she'll love it.......

  • Pattern: Simplicity #8275
  • Fabric: Fleece (Anti-Pill) From my fabric stash
  • Alterations: None (You can do so many things with this pattern)  The only thing I did not use/follow were the applique pattern pieces. You can get creative and do your own thing to personalize the blanket
  • Skill Level: Easy Peezy (Kids can sew their own as well)
  • Make Again: Yes, Yes and Yes!!!!
  • Comes with Adult, Child and 18" Doll Sizes