Thursday, August 11, 2016

Puffy "Biscuit" Quilt Top

Polka Dots & Whoot Owls
 Puffy "Biscuit" Quilt Top

2 more rows to go and then the backing & binding
These quilts were popular in the 1970s.

Fabric(s): 100% Cotton Quilting (SM/LG Polka Dots & Owls).  You can use pre-cut charm packs but I cut my own blocks 9" and 6".  Next, you will need to determine what size finished quilt top do you want to make.

Other Supplies: Bag(s) of polyfill, how much you need to buy depends on how big your quilt will be. Make sure that you spend a little $$ on the filling don't be to cheap cheap....32 Oz. Polyfil at Joanns and of course matching/coordinating threads, I used Gutermann Natural Cotton Thread-Plum Berry (Pink): Gutermann Natural Cotton Variegated Thread

My Size Squares: 9 inch Squares for top of each biscuit and 6 inch squares for the bottom (back) biscuit. NOTE: I used the large polka dot cotton fabric for the 6 inch backs.

Sewing Machine Used: Bernina Artista 200E, Foot #1-Reverse Pattern Foot

The How To Do:
There are quite a few tutorials on making the quilt top, but I chose this video here: Shabby Fabrics: How to Make A Bubble Quilt
Size: I made each row 4 blocks across and the completed quilt will be a total of 6 rows down.  2 tips for a successful puff: 
1.) Tuck and pin top square  
2.) Do NOT overfill your puffs!!!  
Make It Again?: Any quilting project can be time consuming, but these quilts are so cute, I may make myself one for the 2016 Autumn Season.  I will use bigger blocks (20 inch) for mine since I have a queen-size bed. I purchased my 20X20 Omnigrip  ruler from Joanns: 20-1/2 X 20-1/2 Inch Square Ruler 

On average, these quilts are selling on Etsy for $150.00 up to $250.00 for the larger quilts.